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Our Mission

We create masterful life dancers using nontraditional teaching techniques that move beyond the studio, revealing a profound awareness of and control over life alignment through classroom engagement, a disciplined approach to the fundamentals of dance, and a deep respect and appreciation of the life-changing power within movement.

I am

Janicka A. Arthur,

An entrepreneur, choreographer, movement strategist, public speaker and creative business consultant located in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

I work directly with mature aspiring dancers (just like you) to guide them through physical MOVEment as they develop a mindset of strength and a soul full of passion where their physical victories truly reflect an inner transformation.

My journey began at the ETA Cultural Center on the Southside of Chicago.

After finding my passion in dance, I continued my education at The Chicago Academy of Arts, the nation’s premier performing and visual arts high school under the direction of Anna Paskevska and Randy Duncan. Over the years, I became well versed in Ballet, Modern, Jazz, and West African Dance receiving additional training from the Ailey SchoolBallet ChicagoJeraldyne’s School of Dance, and Deeply Rooted Productions.

In 2008, I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance Performance from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. It was there that my passion for guiding mature aspiring dancers was born. I credit the art and technique of ballet for nurturing me into a woman full of confidence, strength and tenacity, able to overcome any obstacle placed before me. My desire to empower students with this same glass-ceiling-shattering motivation is what drives me today.


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