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About Us

At the heart of Art of VIII, we offer diverse adult dance classes that transcend mere movement. As Dallas’s premier studio for aspiring adult dancers, we transform lives by nurturing courage, instilling discipline, and building confidence through the power of dance. Our unique approach empowers you to break free from personal limitations and choreograph your greatest performance – not just on the dance floor, but on life’s grand stage. Here, you’ll discover the rhythm of your own beat and the grace to live it fully.

Foundational Series

Experience our transformative Foundational Series program. This immersive 4-week or 8-week journey welcomes both beginners and those rekindling their dance passion. Under the guidance of our expert Movement Strategists – many former professional dancers themselves – you’ll unlock your body’s potential in a supportive, judgment-free studio. Our hands-on approach builds a rock-solid dance foundation, ignites body awareness, and cultivates unshakeable confidence. Whether you’re stepping onto the dance floor for the first time or rediscovering your love for movement, Art of VIII’s seasoned instructors are dedicated to nurturing your unique artistic voice. Join us to reignite your rhythm, express yourself freely, and embark on a life-changing dance adventure in the heart of Dallas.

Drop-In Studio Classes

Here at the Art of VIII studio, we value the real you. Judgement, comparison, and embarrassment have no place here. We meet everyone at the barre. While our drop-in studio classes are open to all, some basic dance experience and understanding of terminology are recommended. Regardless of where you are on your dance journey — from novice to returning dancer — know that you’ll be seen and supported in our drop-in studio classes.

At-Home Classes

Your training doesn’t have to stop just because you can’t make it to the studio! Join us in our dynamic, live-streaming classes — including adult beginner ballet — that are sure to keep your body moving, technique sharp, and dancing heart satisfied.

Our Virtual and In Studio Classes

No Matter When You Start There’s a Dance Technique Series For You

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"Janicka changed the way I think...."


"Janicka changed the way I think about my body. From the first day that I showed up in beginner ballet class, she asked us to show up for ourselves. And that’s really hard! But what made it easier was how she showed up for me every time I walked in to the studio. Her classes are TOUGH but she is conscious about where you are in your journey and pays attention to your body and honors any limitations you may have."


"I highly recommend the academy...."


"She has hosted lessons all throughout the covid time. Right now her classes are all online which I love. She also offers a wide variety of classes and times. She never lets me settle and corrects me to make sure I am pushing myself. This journey for me has been only about six months but so worth it! I highly recommend the academy membership if you really want to learn and be your best!!! A++++++"


"Janicka is absolutely amazing!"


"Janicka is absolutely amazing! I have wanted to take beginner ballet classes for a few years but was terrified of starting as an adult. I thought that I was too old and not coordinated enough to be able to dance but Janicka has made me feel like a dancer."


"....feel comfortable in a ballet class."


"For the first time in my adult life I was able to go back to dance and feel comfortable in a ballet class."


"I've learned so much about dancing...."


"I've learned so much about dancing and myself through my classes with Janicka. Her classes are tough -- she pushes me to do more than I ever thought I could, but I always finish class feeling empowered."


"....excellent motivator for beginning dancers!"


"Janicka’s enthusiasm and passion for dance is contagious and an excellent motivator for beginning dancers! As someone who returned to dance later in life and was new to ballet, I was nervous and intimidated to take classes. Those nerves evaporated after my first class with Janicka. With her skilled instruction, I’ve learned so much technique and have grown as a dancer in a relatively short time. I recently continued my journey with a private lesson to hone and develop and found that experience to be invaluable! Thank you, Janicka!"


"…she truly creates wings for you to fly!!"


"Janicka Arthur makes you feel like you’re a real ballet dancer! Even though I am just an adult beginner, she makes me feel like I can soar in the ballet world. She focuses on beautiful technique so that your limbs will move in a way that they have never moved before…she truly creates wings for you to fly!!"


"Love her!"


"Janicka is such an inspiring ballet teacher. She pushes me to be my best and invests time and energy into her dancers, a trait hard to come by in adult dancing. Her passion and commitment to teaching dance makes her classes challenging and rewarding. She’s the perfect teacher for adults returning to dance or just starting out. Love her!"


"I can’t recommend her enough!"


"I adore Janicka and her teaching style. I’m not a trained dancer; I just like to move. And I was sure that I would fail spectacularly in my beginner ballet course. Luckily, Janicka was the instructor for this class. She has a talent for describing movement in a way that my beginner brain can grasp without becoming overwhelmed. Janicka is an experience. I can’t recommend her enough!"

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