Discover Your Inner Dancer at the Art of VIII School of Dance Open House!

Join us for a magical weekend celebrating movement and self-expression during the Art of VIII School of Dance Open House on March 16th from 12:00-5:00 PM. Whether you’re a lifelong dancer or have always wanted to try, this is your chance to explore the joy of dance in a welcoming community of all skill levels.

Talk with professional instructors about diverse dance classes and class offerings for beginners through advanced dancers. Styles, including Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Tap, Heels, Afrobeats, and more!

Visitors will enjoy:

Treat yourself to hors d’oeuvres and sparkling refreshments while you meet fellow dance enthusiasts and explore everything our dance home has to offer. Whether you’re looking to add a new joy to your life, take control over your body, or simply have fun, the Art of VIII Open House celebrates the dancer in all of us. Dance classes in Dallas will never be the same. Join us and discover your inner dancer during this not-to-be-missed event!

The Art of VIII Open House is ready to celebrate you. Oh! And don’t forget to bring a friend!

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